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Salalah Rotana Resort

Enrich your summer plans and treat yourself to the highest levels of luxury at the vast Rotana Resort. Located on a secluded beach, the five-star Salalah Rotana is your small beach town resort located on its own island, a location that will never cease to stun you with its beauty. 


The coastal resort is home to a wide array of activities and facilities, starting with the local iconic Silkroad restaurant which delivers a top of the class Chinese menu. Rotana is the perfect place to be for families or restaurants looking for a relaxing retreat with an unparalleled exclusive experience. 

Fanar Hotel & Residences

A destination that feels like home. Fanar is a place where you can get away from it all and do as much – or as little – as possible. Step outside into the sandy white beaches only moments away from your stay, where you can explore the many outlets scattered across the shore – from outdoor beach bars to restaurants. 


Fanar offers everything from guest rooms to jacuzzi suites, as well as apartments for longer stays, all home to spacious private terraces with spectacular views. The luxurious hospitality is spread across all services, leaving you with a memory that will linger forever in your heart. 

Juweira Boutique Hotel

If arabesque luxury is what you’re seeking, then Juweira Boutique Hotel is the place to be. The five-star destination is located right by the marina, where you can take a stroll, try out the many numerous café options, or do some light shopping. 


Juweira provides a secluded type of stay with spacious rooms and high ceilings, offering splendid views of the marina and its magnificent yachts, and making it the perfect place to stay for intimate occasions.

Souly Lodge

Become one with nature at Souly Lodge. With nothing but yourself, the sky above you, and 15 ocean-front wooden huts, this eco-friendly lodge provides a serene escape for those looking for minimal travel and a camp-like style of vacation.  


Your stay here is guaranteeably comfortable with each hut providing elevated levels of comfort and modern amenities. The shore is no more than a few meters away from the door of your hut, promising an easy adventure each day.

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