Oman’s largest & Fastest Growing tourism destination

Hawana Salalah

Dining out

From beach restaurants with international cuisine to cosy cafes in the Marina, there is something for everyone.

Exciting activities

Experience the unrivaled beauty of Dhofar through dune trekking, water activities  and the spectacular marine life.

Community Map


As a year-round destination, Hawana Salalah is full of life, bringing guests various themed events.

Unique Culture

Frankincense having always played a huge role in Oman’s history and culture, guests can still visit the historical sites like Al Baleed or Sumharam that have been turned into archeological parks. Also available are museums and the Sultan Qaboos Mosque as well as tombs of ancient prophets.

Abundant Nature

The natural terrain of Oman makes it a country like no other in the region. Salalah is blessed with turquoise waters and pristine white beaches lined with coconut trees. For desert lovers, the Empty Quarter is ideal for dune bashing and trekking. In Khareef, a seasonal monsoon that transforms the surrounding landscape into a refreshing green paradise, Salalah is known for its tropical climate, particularly the waterfalls, wadis and mountains. Salalah is also home to a rich marine life and bird species

Easily Accessible

Located in Dhofar, Oman’s southernmost governorate, Salalah is a safe haven blessed with beautiful nature and year-round tropical weather and a culture of genuine warmth and exceptional hospitality. It is easily accessible from neighbouring countries and international cities with direct flights from European airports in Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland.