A Glimpse into Hawana Lagoons

Hawana Lagoons offer a breathtaking serene and modern lifestyle overlooking the turquoise lagoons.

Properties in Hawana Salalah’s latest neighbourhood, Hawana Lagoons, are now available for purchase, and the show home offers a glimpse at the possibilities in this new community. Prospective buyers have flocked to see the new waterfront homes and walk inside lead designer Maud Quinault’s vision for a French-Arabic style drawn from Earthy tones that creates an uplifting mood throughout the property. 

The Hawana Lagoons mock up house is designed to embrace a sustainable style of living with elegant interiors and a blend of French and Arabic design. Maud explained her inspiration, which included the surrounding terrain as she used a palette taken from natural rocks, deserts, earth and trees, which are all very fashionable interior colour trends in 2018.

What design elements did you take into account while decorating the mock-up?

“As a French interior designer, I always put some French elements into my designs, no matter the style. When designing the mock-up for Hawana Lagoons, my main focus was to design it with a hint of French and a hint of Arabic. I really enjoy playing with materials, colours and styles.”

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How would you advise furnishing the living and dining areas?

“There are dozens of ways you can incorporate practical design to get the most out of the interior and make your home extremely livable. You can easily turn your modest space into a functional, inviting home to be proud of. For instance, the light coloured walls create an airy space while the warm rug and French chandeliers allude to an elegant and comforting style.”

The living and dining areas in the Lagoons apartments are in the same space. The Hawana Lagoons mock up house makes the best use of the space by using multi-functional furniture and clever storage options to be both warm and welcoming and uncluttered.

What interior design advice can you offer to homeowners?

“In my opinion there are three secrets. Be aware that perfection does not exist, know how to mix different styles, and be daring in your choices.”

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The splashes of bold colour and sea-themed accents are on show in the mock up home, with handmade elements such as shells, glass, driftwood combine to give a cohesive and elegant interior throughout.

Maud believes that homeowners will find their own personal style through trial and error, and as long as the proportions are right and you truly love each piece, then even things that don’t obviously pair well together can often make for the most interesting interiors.