A Home for the Family

Interview with Laila Kharusi.

Oman, a safe country and stable both politically and economically, has become a haven for investment. The development of Integrated Tourism Complexes, such as Hawana Salalah, have opened the doors to international buyers flocking to the Sultanate, with the added bonus of residency in Oman for homeowners.

Two people who have taken this opportunity are twins Laila and Lamya Kharusi, who were born in Glasgow, Scotland. Laila has have lived in Muscat for much of her life and her twin sister has also lived in Oman, but spent most of her life in the US, the UK and Morocco while studying.

Laila’s dream was for her children to have residency in Oman and she was able to fulfill this ambition by purchasing a home in Hawana Salalah.

What did ITC investment mean to you?

“When I first heard about Hawana Salalah, I was ecstatic. It was the perfect chance to invest in an ITC and get the residence for my family, so I did not think twice about it. Lamya and I bought an apartment in Hawana Lagoons, and there has not been a single regret to date.”

What was it about Salalah that appealed to you?

“The city of Salalah and its resemblance to our birth place is what initially got me interested in the Hawana Salalah properties. Now, it has become a home away from home for us and our families, where we make the most of life surrounded by majestic mountains. The slow pace, richness of culture and natural beauty is what makes Salalah an attractive destination and the fact that I get to spend so much time amongst animals and nature is the best part for me.”

What does Hawana Salalah offer your family?

“For me, Hawana Salalah is a safe haven and the best place to be. I cannot wait to explore the numerous coffee shops by the marina and spend time with my children here indulging in the variety of activities, this one of a kind destination offers.”

How is life for you in Hawana Salalah?

“Some days are spent reading on the balcony and jogging around in the destination or sightseeing around Salalah. However, no two days here are ever the same, and the fact that there is so much to do in Salalah and Hawana itself, makes it the ideal place to live.”


Integrated Tourism Complexes allow 100% foreign ownership of freehold homes and residency in Oman entitles owners to the nation’s 0% income tax whether living and working in Oman or using the property for holiday rentals or as an investment. Owners also receive a Benefit Card which offers access the wide range of activities at the destination.